Rainey Wood Works in 2k15

by lorraine hull

It's a new year & what an exciting year it's going to be. With the preparation to launch Rainey Wood WorkShops there is much to be done in the studio.

Until workshops are prepped, RWW is furiously working away at a project for this years Fringe festival. City of Stirling has asked us to complete an entrance statement for the Sunset Veranda, which will be located at Scarborough Beach with the opening night occurring on the 16th Jan. For this project, we are collaborating with a Perth artist Nadia Cullinane, who has done a tremendous job at coming up with some eye catching designs. I will post photo's soon and if I can get my head around this whole 'technology' thing, maybe i'll manage to upload some footage also. 

Having spent years in construction, I work best in plans and therefor have the below image for our Sunset Veranda to give you a very lose idea of what we're working on...(keep posted for real images soon)