Sunset Veranda progress

by lorraine hull

At the end of a long week, which started out with an unfortunate accident on Monday, where a truck driver decided to turn left, from the right lane and hit my ute on my way to pick up timbers, it's nice to reflect on how much was achieved by the end of it.

Working with Perth Artist 'Nadia Cullinane' makes for a welcome change to the usual, working alone. It's great to have someone to bounce ideas off and I have to admit, I never expected to enjoy working with another female so much. It's not often you get women involved in jobs associated with being a 'male dominated trade'. It sure does make for a pleasant change.

Nadia & I are learning so much with this project, especially the challenges of working to large scale. With install date nearing we are a bag of mixed emotions, from stress, to excitement and everything in between. However, we are finally at the painting stage (the fun part), with some further back bracing and supports to be built, we are just on schedule. Countdown to install is on.