2018 already?

by lorraine hull

I really am struggling to understand how time just zips by so quickly these days, so much has happened with Rainey Wood Works where do I begin?

Over the past six months I made the decision to head back to full time study (somewhat explains why time is going so fast, between running a business, renovating a home and studying full time I don't get much time for updating my website or this blog). I'm studying Building Design and loving it, after years of being annoyed at Architects on site for their crazy ideas and difficult building standards I am now heading towards working in that very field. I'm absolutely loving the course (as intense and stressful as it is) and hope to have it completed in June. 

I have been working with a community group called The Bend In The Road workshopping with them to build a few planter boxes for a strip along Scarborough Beach Rd. These guys and gals are doing good things for their local community and I can't wait to see what other initiatives they create in the future. 


Tool Skills Workshops are still running full steam ahead with one workshop being held monthly...


I have also been collaborating with Shannon from local business Industriale who is doing some really great things with furniture. Have a look at two of the items we've already built together and watch out for possibly more in the future...


There's been a whole lot of other things happening in the background around here but I'll leave it there and hope to update this blog again soon...now back to the school books I go....