About Rainey Wood Works

Rainey wood works, owned and operated by qualified carpenter Lorraine Hull is a unique business fresh to the scene of Perth. It offers an experience like no other, workshops run by a female for females (but not limited just to the ladies). Attention to detail in all items designed and created and an all-round ‘you become the carpenter experience.’  

Owner of Rainey Wood Works, Lorraine Hull a carpenter by trade herself, has been involved in the building & construction industry for over 7 years. She developed a passion for working with wood in high school but it wasn’t till her early 20’s that she finally began an apprenticeship as a Carpenter & Joiner. Lorraine has also completed a diploma in Building as well as numerous license courses to ensure she is up to date with relevant working standards for Australia.

Lorraine will be designing and creating a line of childrens' toys herself as well as implementing and running workshops. She hopes that in being a female, others will feel comfortable enough to come along and learn a new skill or just enjoy allowing their creative streak to shine, while making something practical to take home with 


Our Story

Opening its doors in 2014 Rainey Wood Works creates an atmosphere where you the client become the carpenter. Through workshops targeted at various groups, including but not limited to single women, or women who would like to be independent in their homes. Rainey Wood Works allows the client to learn skills necessary for attending to their own home maintenance needs without requiring the use of an outside tradesman. Having spent years in a male dominated industry Lorraine discovered the need for women to feel empowered and enabled to achieve things around the home which were traditionally deemed the 'mans job'. Wanting to share her knowledge with others, both women & men she felt it was time to create Rainey Wood Works and offer workshops to show people just how capable they are, without the need for hiring a tradesman or 'hire a hubby' service. 

Lorraine has a broad range of skills & knowledge collected over the years of working as a Carpenter for various companies around Perth.   She also offers a commission system of works, where she can design and taylor make items to your needs & requirements. Allowing you the customer to design your own bespoke item for a commissioned work also puts you in the ‘Carpenters boots’, ensuring you are purchasing an item tailor made to your needs.

Rainey Wood Works will design and create a line of quality hand made childrens toys. Through the use of recycled timber members, where possible. Rainey Wood Works attempts to create toys that are not only long lasting but also engage and capture a childs imagination.